Plankton ecology and pelagic ecosystem dynamics

research_planktonOur research is focused on the ecology of marine planktonic communities and their influence on biogeochemical fluxes. We study a large variety of organisms from bacteria to fish larvae, and work at different levels, from individuals to ecosystems. Field work, experimental studies and modeling are combined to understand the structure, diversity and function of planktonic communities, how they are influenced by climate change and how they affect higher trophic levels (e.g., fish populations).colas plankton



Rafael González-Quirós
Mikel Latasa
Ángel López-Urrutia
Xose Anxelu G. Morán
Sergio Vallina
José María Rodríguez
Renate Scharek



Carmen Castro
Laura Díaz-Pérez
Pili Fernández
Felipe González
Alma Hernández
Montse Herrero
Iñaki Huskin
Itziar Munuera
Eva Santos
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Luis Ángel Suárez
Rafael Revilla