Bycycle parking lot

Good for rainy days.

Conference room

Where all important meetings take place.

Flowcytometer room

Shared with the HPLC. Quite crowded.

HPLC room

Shared with the flowcytometer. Quite crowded too.

Chemistry lab

All the necessary stuff in one place.

Culture Lab

Clean lab for bacteria and phytoplankton culture.

Temperature control experimental container

Light and temperature control in an isolated container.

Sample storage

Thousand of samples with fixatives for the future...

Molecular biology Lab

A brand new facility with many goodies.

Precision scales room

Precison scales isolated from vibration.

Radioactivity lab

A clean lab free from radioactivity to avoid contamination.

Scintillitation counter

To count isotopic radioactivity in an isolated room.

Wet lab

The all-around lab for wet stuff.

Storage room

The place to keep "things". It gets messy quickly.


A quiet place!